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Use the Tags/Labels!

To make it easier to use and find your files use the tags and labels when uploading files. You will find these in the uploading-box that appears under "Add more info". You can either create new ones or select from the ones you’ve previously used. Please note that we pick up your file-extensions automatically so these will already be added. The tags are used either in the Filter-function or when you Search.

How do I search for material?

Either you can use the Search function or open up the Filter and then you can filter the material by clicking the tags/labels that has been set.

Can I make bulk uploads?

Yes! Just drag and drop your files.

Why does the preview for the .AI -file show up so small?

The Illustrator (.AI) file show the whole artboard (i.e. A4 or Letter size). If the artwork is smaller than the width or height of the artboard it will show up small in the middle of the image. Try to resize the artwork to fit to the edges of the artboard or crop the artboard to the size of the artwork, resave it and upload again.

How do I embed a video?

Click the Add new brand asset button and click the Video button. Then copy and paste the link from Youtube or Viemo into the "Youtube / Vimeo link" field and the video should display in the "Video preview" field.

How do I move entire sections?

For editing of the Sections, simply click “v” to fold out the Section menu next to the Section name/header. Go to: Edit > Section order. Here you may change the order by dragging the Section in the order that you wish.

How do I tag uploaded material?

When you upload a file you get to name and categorize it as you wish. By clicking “More information” you have the option to add tags/labels to your file so it’ll be easy to search and filter later on.

How do I delete a file?

Each file/asset has its own menu “v”. In this menu you have the option to Delete. If you wish to delete an entire section you can do so in the Section Menu.

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